Day 7 Voxel Space
In our last day, we will explore Voxel space, which is Discrete and potentially wildly Diverse and Multiple. Building upon concepts from different thinkers, from Leibniz's 'Monads', to Von Neumann's 'Cellular Automata', to 'Evolutionary Structural Optimization' and to our most familiar 'Raster Graphics', Voxels challenge many preconceived notions of an architectural representation. During the last decade we have witnessed an exponential evolution of graphics hardware as well as multi material rapid prototyping techniques, which has allowed for the development of novel hybrid geometries with embedded three dimensional raster data. This is probably just the beginning and we expect that voxel space will continue to be augmented with Machine Learning and Big Data. In our tutorials we create a voxel model of the Endless House by Kiesler in Monolith for Grasshopper. As an introduction to structural morphogenesis, we explore the potential of Millipede to compute an evolutionary structural optimization in order to draw a new structural model for the base of the house.