Day 6  Simulation Space
The mathematical experiments of Henri Poincaré with the non-linear dynamics of the 'Three Body Problem' marks the first clear example of a simulation of a chaotic system. Poincaré had to invent a new type of mathematics and a new way of problem-solving in order to address the unpredictability of the system and its sensitivity to different 'initial conditions'. In the twentieth century, the work of Antoni Gaudi and Frei Otto show how an engineer can use matter as an active ingredient in physical simulations and allow it to participate in the process of formation. With the advances on modern computation, simulation has become a common place for any analytical and predictive model. In our tutorial we will use the physics engine Kangaroo in Grasshopper to setup a catenary model based on the massing of the TWA terminal we modeled in day 3. During our second tutorial we will introduce Millipede, in order to produce a structural analysis diagram for the roofscape of Daxing Airport Terminal from Day 5.

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