Day 1 - Euclidean SpaceEuclidean geometry is foundational in the comprehension and representation of any spatial environment. In this class we examine Euclidean geometry as a synthetic axiomatic language and focus on its constructive tools,methods and system of ratios. We expand to Analytic (Cartesian) Geometry with the introduction of coordinate systems and in Boolean Logic as the foundation of binary representations and solid-void relationships. The 3D modeling tutorial focuses on the early work of Peter Eisenman on Palladio and specifically the generation of the initial massing diagram of House X. In comparison, we 3D model the Casa Albero Sperimentale by Guiseppe Perugini whose design begins with a tectonic definition of a unit and creates space through aggregation and multiplication. In the representation tutorial we create a series of orthographic and axonometric drawings and animations in relation to Euclidean motions.